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The UK economy is always healthy and wealthy, one of the most stable in the world. Her marketplace is known for opportunities in professional services, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, agriculture and more.

Our specialist business immigration practice constantly assists individuals and enterprises abroad to arrive in the UK to start up as new businesses or invest in existing UK businesses.

We succeed because our immigration lawyers have the necessary expertise to facilitate entry and settlement for owners, investors and their families.
Annually, business immigrants arrive here in large numbers to participate and benefit from growth of this economy.

A selection of types of business visas are available to highly skilled-professionals and entrepreneurs as a stress-free route to living and making profits in this commercially profitable country yet enjoyable country.

Obinna Baranta

Obinna Baranta


Business Immigration Visa Support and Services – Main Types

Tier 1 Investor Visa

A Tier 1 Investor Visa is a first-class visa option for non-EEA nationals who wish to invest in the UK. As an investors you are expected to invest at least £2 million in the UK to qualify

Tier 2 Sponsor License

The Tier 2 Sponsor license is best-suited for UK companies who intend to hire non-EEA workers in the UK. As a Company in the UK, you must possess a Tier 2 Sponsor License to employ overseas workers.

Sole Rep Visa

Sole Representative Visa permits businesses abroad to refer a representative over to the UK to analyse the market and expand their business interest in the UK.

UK Visitor Visa

With a UK Standard Visitor Visa, you have the right to freely visit the UK for leisure, business or other reasons like receiving private medical treatment.

Refusals / Appeal

Our team of expert immigration lawyers can assist you with your appeal, we can advise you on the documents and evidence you need to demonstrate that you can contribute your skills, character, experience and capital towards progress of this economy for you and for the UK.


What is business visa for UK?

For visits to the UK for business purposes like business expansion, working in the UK, invest in the UK, and similar activities.

A valid Business Visa is a basic requirement to enter the UK in compliance with the Home Office rules and regulations.

What are the requirements for UK business visa?

Business Visas are categorised based on the purpose of your business visit, which means the requirements vary with each category.

Can I work on business visa in UK?

Yes, you can work in the UK on a business Visa. However, who you work for and where you can work depends on your visa type.

How long can you stay in UK on business visa?

The duration of stay for each visa differs and it depends on your visa type. To know more, contact us at:


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